August 16, 2012

My Favorite Lesson Plan Book

Like most beginning teachers, I sought out advice and guidance from the more experienced teachers when I first started teaching. One teacher was really helpful, and she gave me something that looked like this:

It was great a tool, and it did save me during the first unit. But then I got tired of carrying it around and eventually it just stayed on my nightstand. Not very useful at this point. And then OneNote came into my life. If you haven't used OneNote before, you should try it out! Here's a screen shot of my notebook:

I just love how I can see everything. I have tabs for each class I teach (algebra block, algebra 1, and accelerated algebra). I break down these sections by creating pages for each week and within each week's page I have my days figured out. I have all 37 weeks of school at my finger tips. 

As you can see, my planning isn't too detailed...and there's a reason for that. Earlier this year, I convinced the algebra team to create a OneNote for our content team. That one is wayyyyy more detailed, and the one I use more often. We put powerpoints, worksheets, activities, assessments, and lesson objectives for each day into our notebook. OneNote has enhanced our collaboration. It's amazing!!!! 

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