August 20, 2012

Made4Math: MATHO!

I'm copying @LaurenDeReche's review game theme since I also missed the memo for #MyFavFriday. Without further ado...MATHO!

Based on my experience, this game has been more successful with my lower level algebra class than with my regular algebra class. I don't really know why. At one point last semester, we had quizzes every Friday so we were playing MATHO every didn't get old! MATHO is played just like bingo, the only difference is the name. I actually don't have an electronic version of the MATHO cards but I found this one online

You could also make your own with Word (I just whited out a bingo card, wrote MATHO, and made copies).

Here's my MATHO review that I created for negative and zero exponents. I'll have the slide with all the answers displayed, and students fill in their MATHO cards. I give them about 5 minutes to fill out their cards. Then we just go through each problem. If it's a difficult topic, I'll help them get started on problems or even do the first two together. Candy for the winners!

I like MATHO because it's easy to create (select problems from worksheets or study guides) and takes little planning. Throw in some non-math questions to keep students interested. 

****Shout out to @lmhenry9 for teaching me how to share files! :) *****

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