November 7, 2011

Week 12: Rally Coach

My focus for this week was Rally Coach, a Kagan group structure activity.

I tried it out with my Algebra blocks last week. The first group was mediocre. Live and learn. By the end of my 3/4 block, I had it pat down. My 5/6 block went flawless. I tried Rally Coach today with my regular Algebra kids, and they did pretty well with it. They were able to work together, and I didn't have to run around the room as much trying to answer questions.

The one difficulty I found was with my low groups. Since they were at about equal ability levels, it was difficult to pair them together and hope one would coach the other. I'll have to ask my mentor about that, because I'm not sure how to make that go better with my low groups.

I hope to make this a regular activity in my class. We shall see!