August 13, 2012

First Made4Math Project!

I actually stole this paper tray storage from a colleague at school. She said she found it on Pintrest, so those who are Pintresters can look there for more directions if need be.

To make your own paper storage you will need:
5 boxes
Packing or duct tape
Spray paint

1) Start with cutting off one of the ends on all boxes. This creates the opening for your paper trays.

2) Stack boxes and then tape sides. I placed tape strips vertically on the sides. I found when painting that it's better to have your tape be side by side leaving no space between strips of tape (i.e. less cardboard showing). I also taped the "back" with horizontal tape strips to join boxes.

3) Lastly, spray paint your paper storage. I live in a desert, so it was easy to do a couple coats in a short amount of time.

And here is the finished product!

I made two of these, and I was thinking of doing an "In" and "Out" paper system for each class period...but then I thought maybe I could use them more as "Absent" papers and designate each box for the day of the week. AH! I still can't make up my mind.

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