June 22, 2013

End of Year 2

It has been a month since school ended for me, and it has taken me this past month to really reflect on how this year went. I was hoping for a better year than my first year of teaching, but with everything that was put on my plate this year- I know that year 2 was rough, ugly, but definitely a good learning experience.

What I learned in Year 2:

Positive things
  • Having guest speakers for my accelerated algebra class. The kids enjoyed it. Some students even became interested in STEM careers. I am excited to teach college algebra this upcoming school year, because I think this will be great for my seniors. 
  • Incorporating technology was another win for me. I believe I was in 2nd or 3rd in regards to usage of the math department's laptop cart. Woo! The district has me piloting speakers in my classroom...not sure if my students really want to hear me in surround sound ha ha.
  • Setting a discipline plan and sticking with it. I think I finally figured out what works for me in regards to discipline. Better late than never. This has me most excited for Year 3, because finally, finally I have developed a practical classroom management plan.

Things I need to change
  • Never accept 3 preps. Ever. Part of my struggle this year was balancing my three different classes. I felt like there would always be one class that went neglected. I never figured out a good balance.
  • More blogging. I know I had at least one great lesson per week. I get so many great ideas from fellow math teachers that I really should do a better job of returning the favor. Year 3 will be the year I make blogging part of my to-do list.
  • More reading. There's many great discussions going on on Twitter that I want to be a part of, again I need to actually commit by including this in my to-do lists. Here's a list of books provided by a fellow math teacher that I plan to read...at least one book before school starts!

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