September 3, 2012

Made4Math: Aztecbook

Today's Made4Math is a getting to know your student activity.

Last year, my principal told me that the first day should be about building relationships and getting to know my students. He suggested I have them write a news article about themselves. That was a good idea...but I thought there has to be something else I can do that involves less writing (hello?! math teacher over here). I ended up creating this Aztecbook. Our school mascot is an Aztec.

As you can see, this looks a lot like the now outdated fb profile page. Since most of my students are familiar with fb, they figured out pretty quickly what to do. I gave them markers and crayons. Some used them, others just used pencil. I let them be, and they enjoyed it. We did it the last ten minutes of class for two class periods...

We are still having schedule changes being done at my school (5 weeks into the school year :/ ). I got two new students last week, so once they complete their Aztecbook, I will upload a picture of the class profiles. I think I'll put them along a wall or bulletin board, maybe add butcher paper? Stay tuned.


  1. Great job creating your Aztecbook. With SO MANY people on facebook, it makes for a great way to relate to the students and put things in a format they are used to. Now if only we could get standardized testing in a way where they can make comments as their answers. (just kidding...sorta)

    1. Haha. I actually agree. I heard the PARCC test is computer based?! That's a start I guess.

  2. I like your injection of school spirit. I need to look for more opportunities to instill a sense of pride in our school. Good idea though. I'm interested in seeing what you do with the butcher paper.