December 4, 2011

Week 16: Paired Reading

I have been slacking on these reflection posts. Tsk tsk. Anyways, this past week I have been focused on paired reading. This was a perfect fit for my word problems. I had students pair up, and the activity required them to read, summarize, and then solve the word problem. Reflections will be broken down by class period.

1st hour: Did not do a paired reading activity. This was a bummer, because I think it would have helped some students. I was behind with this class, so we skipped the activity in order to catch up.

3rd/4th hour: They did great with this activity. I break my students into low, medium, and high groups. I think the group that benefited the most was my medium group. I worked with them, and they were finally starting to realize where to put the given numbers.

5th/6th hour: Only one of the three groups was stellar. My low group consists of students who are anywhere between a 2nd and 5th grade reading level. For them, I had to modify the activity. I read to them, and they had to summarize. We did two summaries together before I let them try on their own. These kids tried, but I don't think they got as much out of the activity as I would have liked.

All in all, I would definitely do this again. I will work to incorporate more of this into my classroom.

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